So, Will Smith was in Dubai promoting "Suicide Squad," and he talked about how "embarrassing" Trump is, and how this election will be a "cleansing" experience like marriage counseling? 

As insights go, I'd rate it about a C-minus (although "Suicide Squad" kicked ass), but he gets credit for being on the right side. So, dumbfuck former DJ Kennedy goes and literally compares Smith to your Hitlers and your Stalins:

Listen, wingers, even if someone did decide to, say, shank Dylann Roof in the shower, he wouldn't then become the equivalent of the Charleston Nine. Being intolerant of bigotry is not the same thing as being intolerant. But keep it up. Like Will Smith said, it's good to know who everybody is. Let the cleansing begin. In that healing, marriage-counseling way.

By the way, this is exhibit Z for why libertarians are the fucking worst. Kennedy, that's why.