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After Donald Trump 'joked' about Second Amendment people shooting Hillary Clinton and her Supreme Court picks, it is now time for the Republican Party to put an end to this madness. Because enough is enough is enough. 

This means the party must officially disavow themselves from Trump and refuse to help finance his campaign. Furthermore, they must explore every option they have available to remove him as the party nominee on the grounds that he is not only wrecking the party, but presents an imminent threat to national security. 50 prominent Republican national security advisors have already done this, but the major party figures need to find their courage and support them in no uncertain terms. The Republican Party must be willing to deal with whatever the political fallout may be, not only for themselves, but for the good of the country and the rest of the planet. 

This should go without saying: you simply cannot have a candidate for the presidency of the United States openly discussing assassinating their rival -- joking or not. 

If the G.O.P wants to retain a modicum of respect for itself, it will move quickly to bring Trump down after these atrocious comments. The evidence thus far is that it won't, but as pressure mounts from those inside the party horrified at what they are witnessing, they need to start listening and acting before it is too late. 

The Republican Party is well aware that their demographic aren't exactly the well educated, peaceful type (largely because they've been manipulating and riling them up for decades). This means they know what could potentially happen if their candidate speaks openly about shooting Hillary Clinton. Should the worst occur -- and American history tells us it is a distinct possibility -- the G.O.P will be held directly accountable for it. This is something they do not want to risk, so in the long term interest of their party, dumping Trump is the smartest thing they can do. 

So to the G.O.P: in the interests of your own party and the nation's, get rid of this cancerous megalomaniac. Pull the trigger, and deal with the consequences like grownups. And do it now, before it really is too late.