Donald Trump's Economic Plan For America is Literally Garbage

trump eco.jpg

After having what can only be described as an apocalyptically bad week, Donald Trump attempted to rebound and rebuild his rapidly sinking popularity by introducing his economic plan for America. 

Unsurprisingly, Trump's plan delivered at the Detroit Economic Club yesterday, was a steaming pile of garbage that did little other than propose giving huge amounts of money back to the very wealthy. And given the reception it has had amongst anyone vaguely financially literate, Trump's plan won't do much to help him in the polls.

Trump's so called "pro growth" plan for America included slashing income tax in a way that would overwhelmingly benefit the rich, eliminating the estate tax that would overwhelmingly benefit the rich, slashing corporate tax that would overwhelmingly benefit the rich and cutting business regulation that would overwhelmingly benefit the rich. It was standard fantasy Republican economics based on the long disproved notion that giving lots of money back to rich people somehow makes everyone wealthier, mixed with anti-free trade plans and isolationist proposals that he most likely doesn't properly understand.

The bizarre hodgepodge of contradictory ideologies was classic Trump and left no one any wiser as to what he actually believes in. But if we are if we are to take his policy proposals seriously, it is now time to think about emigrating to Canada on the off chance he actually gets in. 

As virtually every media outlet has concluded, Trump's economic plans would be a disaster for the country in every conceivable way. Trump's belief in giving money back to the wealthy and deregulation won't make up for the trillions of dollars in deficit his policies will create.They may sound great in theory, but history has shown they don't ever work

Of course Trump doesn't give a flying fig whether his policies would work for the majority of Americans or not -- his only interest is himself and what will get him elected this November. Because his plan wasn't an actual plan -- it was a list of ideas he thinks will make him more popular and won't cut into his own financial interests down the line. 

As Elizabeth Warren wrote on twitter after his speech, Trump's plan "Was written by rich corporate insider advisors to make the economy even greater for rich corporate insiders." 

More than that, it wasn't even consistent, making the presentation another solid reason to make sure every single responsible adult goes out to vote against Trump in November.