Let me start off by saying that Caitlyn Jenner, as I've said before, can go fuck herself, too, and that I agree almost completely with the Boss when he says Bill Maher's overall message is an important one, but since he brought it up, Bill Maher can go fuck himself.

Let me also start by saying that I double-agree with Maher's premise, and would go even further. Here's how he opened this week's "The Rules" segment on Real Time:

I'd go further than that by saying that not only should "pet" issues be set aside, but that there's pretty much no issue that Hillary Clinton shouldn't consider shutting the fuck up about if it might help Trump win. 

For example, I'd love to see Hillary challenge the basic assumption of the Heller decision,  but not right now. The Supreme Court is too important to risk starting a fight we might lose, or pressing one we're not doing great on. 

I've been disappointed with Hillary's follow-through on policing issues, but if talking tough about police accountability is going to trip her up and allow Trump a chance at winning, I get the argument that we should let her get past Trump before pressing her on it. It's also easy to pick and choose which "pet issues" you give up when you're doing so from a position of great relative privilege, but I get it.

Where Maher loses me is in the issue he decides to single out, and the way in which he does it:

First of all, it's "transgender," not "transgendered," a "mistake" that I'm half-convinced he made deliberately just so he could whine when someone corrected him. Why do I think that? Because he's done that before:

So, fuck him on that count, but also, Bill, do you see any liberal anywhere pressing the bathroom issue? Is anyone but the Duck Dynasty guy even talking about it? Is there any danger of Democrats "dying on this hill?" 

No, because bathroom laws are getting the shit kicked out of them all by themselves. There is absolutely zero danger of this becoming a wedge issue, and even if there were, Donald Trump would be uniquely ill-equipped to drive it.

So why did Maher choose that one? Because Bill Maher is hostile to trans people, partially because like a lot of straight white men, he doesn't like being bothered to think about what he says, and partially because he really wants people to know he thinks dicks are gross.

Because he's got the "right" political position, in opposition to discriminatory laws, Maher wants to be seen as a good guy on this issue, but takes every chance he can to remind viewers that trans-women are weird and gross, and his audience loves it.

So finally, fuck him for calling trans rights a "boutique issue." As luck would have it, mega-rich corporations have their backs when it comes to these laws, but the hostility behind them is deadly serious, and trans people always have, and still do, face tremendous violence because of it. When was the last time Bill Maher got raped and/or stomped because he smokes marijuana?