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Bill Maher's Message to Liberals is an Important One

No liberals, your pet issue is not more important than getting Hillary Clinton elected this November.
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Bill Maher pleaded with liberals on his show this past weekend to drop their "boutique" issues in order to defeat Donald Trump.

"From now until election day, everything else — every issue, every fight, every cause — has to take a backseat to defeating Trump," said Maher in his "New Rules" segment. 

"He’s like an infection — you don’t fool around with it. We all have our issues that are important to us and so, just to lead by example, let me say that I will take my own, close-to-the-heart pet cause, pot legalization, off the table. And you know me: I have seeds in my urine.”

Maher went on:

“If someone told me that pushing for pot might cost Hillary Ohio, until November 8th, I’m just going to shut the fuck up about it.”

Maher warned liberals about the dangers of being tricked into fights with Republican over issues they will lose on -- like transgendered bathrooms or any other topic conservatives can use to rally their troops. Maher pointed to George W. Bush's use of gay marriage in the 2004 election -- an issue that brought out Christian conservatives who bought into Bush's line that it was an imminent threat to the institution of marriage. 

"There is no room for boutique issues in an Armageddon election," said Maher.  

The importance of this message cannot be underestimated. Maher is not exaggerating when he calls it an Armageddon election -- it truly is one of the most dangerous moments in human history. While those on the hard left are no doubt still smarting over Bernie Sanders' loss and Hillary Clinton's more conservative policy positions, they would do well to remember the following two points:

1) Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton and has urged his supporters to get behind her. Sanders is no sell out, so there's obviously a good reason (ie not ushering in an apocalypse). 

2) Noam Chomsky, the de facto leader of the radical left, called Trump "almost a death knell for the human species" and has also urged everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

When you have leftist voices as powerful as this pleading with Americans to put aside their feelings about drones, Israel/Palestine, free trade agreements etc etc, then it is probably worth taking seriously. Because whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, in no sane world can you draw any meaningful comparisons between her and Donald Trump. One is a thoughtful, highly intelligent centrist Democrat with fairly right wing foreign policy tendencies, while the other is a pro-torture, xenophobic megalomaniac. Yes, Clinton is not ideal from a purist liberal perspective -- but she is infinitely better than Donald Trump, and really for one major reason: human survival on planet earth. 

As Chomsky wrote about the Republican party before Donald Trump was elected as the nominee: 

They [the Republican candidates] either deny global warming or insist that nothing should be done about it, demanding, in effect, that we race even more rapidly to the precipice. Insofar as they have detectable policies, they seem to be intent to escalate military confrontation and threats. For these reasons alone, the Republican organization - one hesitates to call it a political party in any traditional sense - poses a threat of a novel and truly horrifying kind to the human species and to the others who are "collateral damage" as higher intelligence proceeds on its suicidal course.

Not only does Trump think global warming is a hoax and wants to rip up the Paris Climate Agreement, he apparently wants to nuke America's enemies because, well, why the hell not?

If the prospect of rapidly accelerating the heating of the planet while instigating a nuclear arms race doesn't frighten the living daylights out of you, then you probably need your head examined. Because this is the choice America faces in this election: sanity and responsibility vs complete chaos and assured disaster. 

So yes liberals, put aside whatever issue you think Republicans have the faintest chance of exploiting, and focus on doing whatever it takes to get Hillary Clinton elected in November.