As we've noted several times already, Donald Trump's newest strategy is of the "Rubber/Glue" variety, taking the week of attacks on his mental fitness to hold the nuclear codes and just turning it around on Hillary. At a rally in New Hampshire, Trump took a comment Hillary made Friday and bent it to his new purpose, accusing her of having a "short-circuit in the brain":

As Bob pointed out, this is absurd on its face, but especially when you consider that Trump had just finished demonstrating his own pathological lack of impulse control seconds beforehand. For no other reason than that he has to shit out every thought that passes through his digestive tract of a mind, Trump told the crowd that Iran will not be using the $400 million he swears he saw them unload on a video that doesn't exist, they won't be using that for terrorism:

Why the fuck would anyone say that, especially if it would remind everyone of the giant lie you told over and over again that week? Who the fuck knows?