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In case you missed it, mainstream media idiots are swooning over the 11 year-old kid who asked Mike Pence a question at a rally in North Carolina Thursday:

So, that kid, whose name is Matthew Schricker, went on MSNBC Friday morning, and before you let your tolerance for precocious kid-dom explode your head, listen to what he actually says while he's slapping back at Chris Jansing for suggesting he was "challenging" Pence:

The first fucking thing he needs to get straight is that in no way was he trying to "offend" the Donald Trump campaign, a keen recognition of the fact that the "challenging" narrative puts an 11 year-old kid squarely in the Donald's tiny-handed crosshairs. 

So don't hate the kid, hate the idiots in the media who go "Awww!" and put him on TV without asking him or his mother how or why they support overt racism and misogyny. Try not to barf when Jansing asks him if he's heard of Alex P. Keaton: 

If you're nice to the kid, maybe he'll grow up to realize the error of his ways, and stop calling his sisters "hysterical" to boot.

While we're on the subject, God, if you exist. please make this the next question a little kid asks at a rally, any rally: