The widow of slain Benghazi veteran US Navy SEAL Senior Chief Petty Officer (ret.) Tyrone Woods went on Hugh Hewitt's show to complain that Gold Star families shouldn't use their status as a "shield" when they "hear things they don't like," and I couldn't agree more, like when some other Gold Star family member keeps calling the late Captain Humayun Khan "Major Khan" and saying that his family is only getting attention because they're Muslim:

Actually, no one said that CAPTAIN Khan's sacrifice was more important than anyone else's. The point was that his sacrifice was at least equal to that of other soldiers whose entire religion has not been put up for banishment from the United States. Yes, they're "public" because they're Muslim, because Donald Trump has proposed banning all Muslims from entering the United States.

Mrs. Woods deserves every bit of the empathy and understanding that Mr. Trump and his minions have denied the Khans, but she's right, even Gold Star families have to get their facts straight.