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Even Sarah Palin Has Gone Quiet About Donald Trump

When you've lost Sarah Palin, you know you are in trouble.
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In the midst of a gigantic political storm that could literally topple Donald Trump's run at the White House, the Republican nominee's allies are nowhere to be seen. 

After months of touting Donald Trump as America's next savior and gushing over her guided tour of his gold plated penthouse at the Trump Tower in New York, Sarah Palin has gone remarkably quiet on social media since "her guy" has imploded in the most spectacular of fashions. 

Over the past week, Palin has mentioned Trump by name precisely zero times on both her Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are the obligatory conspiracy theory posts the Democratic Convention, myths about Obama paying ransom money to Iran (the White House categorically did not), and herself frolicking in a swimming pool. But nothing in support of Donald Trump in his darkest hour, and no fawning posts about how he will restore America to its former greatness. 

Although not particularly bright, Palin has clearly worked out the undeniable truth that Donald Trump is in deep, deep shit. His stupendously idiotic attack on the family of Capt. Humayun S. M. Khan, the U.S. soldier who died saving his fellow troops was a step so far beyond the pale that even Palin -- a bonafide bigot and xenophobe herself -- cannot come out and support him. 

This is a very big deal, because Trump is in dire need of every bit of support he can get. Anyone vaguely serious has already come out against him, and the slew of Republicans condemning him for his comments about the Khan family have made it political suicide to go anywhere near him. There is literally no one of any worth defending him and his recent behavior, and now Sarah Palin has thrown in the towel, it is time for Donald and his team of dimwits to go into serious panic mode.