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You may have seen this already, but probably not all of it. Trump fans booed and heckled a military mom named Catherine Byrne at a Mike Pence rally on Monday because she asked Pence how he can stand next to a guy who is constantly attacking our military. Yes, before you ask, there is apparently such a thing as a "Mike Pence Rally," which being at is probably a good reason to be pissed off already, but there's really no excuse for this behavior. 

Worse than that, though, is Pence's response, which not only dismisses Byrne's remarks as tolerable "free speech," but then completely ignores what she asked:

Then, he goes on to explain that Byrne's son, and every other member of our military, are poorly-trained:

Byrne gave an interview on MSNBC last night, and tried to be as diplomatic as possible, but my favorite takeaway is that none of these jeering assholes had the balls to say a fucking word to her face:

Hillary already has a good post-convention bounce, but you've got to wonder how Trump will be polling after a week of dueling with military families.