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So, the latest right-wing tactic to help Trump out of his feud with the parents of heroic late Muslim soldier Humayan Khan is to whine about how no one pays any attention to Benghazi mom Patricia Smith. They first tried it like this on Monday:

As it turns out, though, Fox News was the only network that didn't cover Smith's frothy diatribe against Hillary, which the gang was forced to admit Tuesday morning, while also trying out a new argument for why the media is to blame for Trump's feud with the Khan's:

That new claim, that the Khan speech got more coverage than the Smith speech, was trotted out by Eric Trump and hilariously shot down Tuesday morning on CBS when Norah O'Donnell pointed out that Fox didn't cover it because Donald Trump called in and stepped all over it:

As it turns out, though, even this new claim is demonstrably false. The Smith speech got 70 seconds, the Khan speech got 109, these 109 seconds to be exact:

The rest of the coverage they're citing is of Donald Trump's reaction to the speech, and the resulting Trump/Khan feud that roils at this very hour.

Here's what was on Fox News while Patricia Smith was speaking at the RNC: