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Quote of the Day: "Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, We Won't Forget What You Did"


The Guardian's Jonathan Freedland lets the architects of the Brexit crisis Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have it with both barrels:

Just look at what this act of vandalism has wrought. There has been a 500% increase in the number of hate crimes reported, as migrants are taunted on the street, told to pack their bags and get out – as if 23 June were a permission slip to every racist and bigot in the land. And for what? So Boris could get a job and so Gove, Hannan and the rest could make Britain more closely resemble the pristine constitutional models of the nation-state found in 17th-century tracts of political philosophy, rather than one that might fit into the interdependent, complex 21st-century world and our blood-drenched European corner of it.

They did it with lies, whether the false promise that we could both halt immigration and enjoy full access to the single market or that deceitful £350m figure, still defended by Gove, which tricked millions into believing a leave vote would bring a cash windfall to the NHS. They did it with no plan, as clueless about post-Brexit Britain as Bush and Blair were about post-invasion Iraq. They did it with no care for the chaos they would unleash

While Freedland urges calm and believes the Brexit should go ahead as per the will of the British public, he maintains Gove and Johnson should be tarnished for life for the awful mess they created:

Even as we grow calmer, we should not let our anger cool. We should hold on to our fury, against those who for the sake of their career or a pet dogma, were prepared to wreck everything. On this day when we mourn what horror the Europe before the European Union was capable of, we should say loud and clear of those that did this: we won’t forget them.

Given the state of the British economy and what global markets are likely to do if and when Britain invokes article 50, the public will be unlikely to forgive them either.