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Watch The Most Hated Man in British Politics Get Skewered on Live Television

The BBC's Andrew Marr's takedown of Brexit architect Michael Gove was a thing of beauty.
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Andrew Marr's interview of Michael Gove on the BBC this weekend was akin to watching a rabbit get skinned alive, roasted and eaten.  

From the get go, Marr tore into Gove, the pro Brexit conservative running to lead his party after betraying his longtime friend Boris Johnson, accusing him of deliberately destroying the political career of both his friend David Cameron and Boris Johnson, and labelling him a political hitman responsible for the "Assassination of Boris Johnson’s career on live television in the most humiliating circumstances."

Marr also drew a comparison between Gove and Frank Underwood, the machiavellian House of Cards protagonist, and told him directly that he didn't have what it took to become prime minister. "You don't have it either," said Marr when Gove said that he betrayed Johnson because he wasn't up to the job. "You're not capable of being prime minister."

Just watch: