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In this week's issue of Banter M:

Roger Ailes and the Sexist TV News Boys' Club - Chez Pazienza recounts working with a tediously boring general manager in TV news who turned out to be "one of most sexist assholes anyone was likely to find anywhere". It was Chez's introduction to the TV News boy's club, of which Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes presides over.

Loving Republicans? I'm Trying - Ben Cohen discusses his attempts to show Republicans compassion and failing miserably every time. "American conservatives may claim to want the best for their country, but their openly hostile attitude towards women, LGBT people, minorities and liberals makes it incredibly difficult to believe," says Ben.

From Brussels With Love - Tommy Christopher has some news you can use, with some delicious ways you can rebel against the politics of fear that led to the Brexit, and threatens to take over our country. Get your notepad ready.


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