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After a whole lot of agita and turmoil, Bernie Sanders finally managed to get most of his supporters onto Team Hillary, or at least Team Beat Trump, last week. There are still lots of holdouts, though, and this kind of shit is probably why:

That was Bill Maher interviewing Bernie Sanders from The Phantom Zone, and comparing Bernie Sanders' long, excruciating, pulling teeth road to concession of a close, but not that close, loss to Hillary Clinton with the defeat of Al Gore, who got more votes than George W. Bush, and who also would have won Florida if the Supreme Court had not stopped the recount.

Now, I'm glad Bernie came around, and I'm glad most of his supporters came around, and I have to say that I am genuinely impressed and pleased by how much he was able to get into the platform, but this is some bullshit. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by millions of votes and a thousand delegates. 

Having said all that, I also want to put to rest some other bullshit that's going around, namely that if Donald Trump wins, the "Bernie or Bust" crowd will be to blame. As much as I kid them, the committed Berners have the unquestionable right to make their voices heard and to have their votes counted, and while it is true that a vote for someone other than Hillary is helpful to Donald Trump, that's not the same thing as being responsible for a Trump victory.

In fact, Maher's analogy is very helpful in this regard, because there are still people blaming Ralph Nader voters for Gore's loss in 2000. I'd say the same thing to them that I say to anyone who wants to get mad at the Berners if Trump wins: get mad at the people who made it this close.

In Gore's case, one of those people was Al Gore, who decided it was a good idea to run away from uber-popular Bill Clinton, while offering the same Republican-lite DLC deal.

Hillary Clinton has managed to avoid making that kind of mistake, so aside from the racist assholes who vote for Trump, there's only one other place to put the blame if he wins, and I was reminded of it this week when I did a Young Turks panel at the DNC:

Who thought up that stupid fucking "beer test" is the same people who keep ignoring Trump's racism, and acting like he's a legitimate candidate for president: the mainstream media. Any reporter who doesn't begin and end every interview with Trump by peppering him with questions about his naked racism and misogyny is complicit in his ascent, and if he wins, I blame them, not a handful of committed Bernie Sanders fans.