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So, yeah, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner was promised a speaking slot to put Bernie's name in nomination on Tuesday, and then she was told by Bernie Sanders himself that it was a no-go, with no explanation, and Susan Sarandon and company held a press conference Wednesday to protest the exclusion. When a reporter asked Sarandon if she thought the DNC excluded Turner because she's "such a vocal black woman," Sarandon circled for a bit, then conceded that "certainly didn't help":

Tell that to First Lady Michelle Obama, who's pretty damn vocal as well, and got on just fine at the DNC.

Here's a better question: if this was Hillary Clinton's idea, then why is Sanders being so cagey about it? He didn't give Sen. Turner a reason, and the statement his campaign gave to Mother Jones was weirdly and carefully worded:

Michael Briggs, Sanders' communications director, toldMother Jones in a statement: "The senator wanted Senator Turner to second his nomination and was disappointed that it didn't happen. She has been one of Bernie's strongest supporters."

Like Sarandon, I don't want to speculate because we're supposed to be trying for unity here, but this could just as easily have been Bernie's decision, knowing that Sen. Turner might be unwilling to pretty up her speech enough to satisfy the Sanders/Clinton kumbaya vibe. Or maybe because he couldn't bring himself to ask her to do it. Either way, it doesn't sound like he fought it at all, and Bernie won most of the fights he had going into the convention. It's hard to believe he couldn't have swung this.