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As much as I dislike Sarah Palin, it really pisses me off to see Nicolle Wallace forge an entire career out of shit-talking Palin, when Wallace's entire career is predicated on having tried her damnedest to fool America into voting for Palin (also, that's clearly not how to spell "Nicole"). 

That's why it's so hilarious to me that, in trying to compare Palin favorably to Donald Trump, Wallace inadvertently revealed that Palin was even dumber than we thought, because while Wallace agrees she was "woefully ignorant," at least Palin was studying really really hard while she was remaining woefully ignorant:

Now, there's an image for you, although there are worse things that can happen to you in your sleep with a marker.

Once again, as much as I can't stand Palin, Wallace and Scarborough are even worse, because they are explicitly saying that the lesson of Palin isn't that you shouldn't elect a foreign policy disaster, but that you should get a disastrous candidate who's better at hiding it. Five books? Five. Books. That's going to be my new nickname for Nicolle Wallace.