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In this week's edition of Banter M: 

Are We Really This Reckless, Stupid and Crazy? After watching President Obama's amazing speech at the Democratic convention last night, Chez Pazienza asks whether Americans are idiotic enough to follow the "unearthly orange pied piper into oblivion" or sane enough to listen to the voice of reason and hope coming from the Democrats?

The Real Danger Of Trump’s Russian Connection Isn’t About Emails - Lenny DeFranco is less concerned that Donald Trump is inviting Russian influence into the election. he's worried him inviting their tactics. "Russian meddling is not where the real threat lies," write DeFranco. "The problem isn’t Trump inviting Putin to sway public opinion. It’s Trump imitating Putin’s method for doing so."

The Stories Behind the Story - Tommy Christopher settles a couple of old scores that came due this past week when the man who had him blacklisted from Fox News got the boot, and Joe Scarborough decided to complain about Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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Excerpt from Chez Pazienza's piece:

I'm watching Barack Obama speak right now, at the Democratic National Convention. It is what it's always been when this man steps up to a microphone and allows the contents of his powerful mind and equally powerful heart to pour forth: magic, the kind of stirring, near-anthemic oratory that can lift a nation and has done so for more than seven years now. Seeing him, listening to him, I'm moved in immeasurable ways, because as always he makes me believe that we're a country that's both mighty in terms of our resolve and in terms of our compassion for our fellow man. He makes me believe that the better angels of our nature are what make us great. He makes me believe, as maybe no one has before, in the promise of America. His very existence as President of the United States is a testament to our moral authority, to the fact that we're still this world's shining city on a hill and can remain that way if we only embrace what's right and true. I'm not sure I'll ever see another president like Obama in my lifetime and that makes me deeply sad but also undeniably proud that I lived during his time in the White House.

But there's another emotion that claws at my insides as I listen to this brilliant, empathetic, humble, graceful and eminently capable man who's led our country for the past seven-and-a-half years, and it's an emotion I've never felt before during one of his addresses. Fear. .... Please go here to continue reading