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Only on Fox News would you see this kind of reaction to First Lady Michelle Obama's triumph of a speech at the DNC Monday night. If you recall, she used the line about the White House being built by slaves, a reference she's used before:

Leave it to Bill O'Reilly to boil that soaring, history-in-the-making speech down to that one line, which he then "fact-checked" to make sure everyone knows that... well, just listen for yourself:

Isn't it nice that Bill finds slavery "fascinating," and that he's willing to bravely vouch for the well-feddedness of the slaves? Not that it makes any difference at all, but how the fuck does Bill know how the slaves were fed? Did he get ahold of an old issue of "Slaves Who Are Free To Speak Ill of Their Sadistic Masters Quarterly?"

FUCK him. And before you even think about remotely excusing this as knowing exploitation of his racist audience, this is not just that. It's innate. Only a truly deep-dish northeastern racist white fuck would use the phrase "hiring slave labor."

Because it was so very beautiful, here's First Lady Michelle Obama's full speech from Monday night: