Maybe all you need to know about Vermont delegate and state legislature candidate Ashley Andreas is that that Bernie Sanders tattoo is not fucking henna, it's real, but she revealed a lot more than that in a post-convention interview Monday night. She told MSNBC's Hallie Jackson several excellent reasons why she's still just not feeling it, if by "excellent" you mean "hilariously wrong":

As Rachel Maddow pointed out moments later (because reporters don't mix in facts, silly!), exactly one metric shit-ton of Bernie surrogates spoke last night, being the last speaker is a good thing, and Hillary did, in fact, change her fucking position on TPP!

Here's the TPP bit:

Andreas seems like a nice enough person, so I almost feel bad laughing about the tattoo, but it seems like the alternate reality of aggrieved Sandersdom is just as indelibly inked on her.