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In this week's edition of Banter M:

The RNC Doom Show: The Real Reason You Should Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - "It's rare that I can't make materialize on the digital page the thoughts that are in my head and rarer still that I'm left completely at a loss for a worthwhile and fitting description of a situation or event," writes Chez Pazienza. "And yet, try as I might I can't even begin to figure out how to properly describe the gruesome, surreal, endlessly batsh*t crazy spectacle that's unfolded in Cleveland over the past few days."

Get Up When You Want To - Ben Cohen has some career and lifestyle advice for you. But before you read it, bear in mind he is probably the last person you want to listen to given his own track record....

Hillary Clinton is the Only Antidote to America's Political Road Rage - Bob Cesca argues that despite her imperfections, Hillary Clinton is the last line of defense against the unbridled rage currently sweeping the country. "It's unlikely she'll fix it," write Bob of Clinton. "But by providing a sense of familiarity, steady leadership and a dutiful respect for the traditions of the office, at least in contrast with Trump, she'd very likely thwart a slide into popular anarchy."

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