If you didn't already think Paul Ryan was weaker shit than that baggie of oregano you bought off that one dude after third period for coming right out and saying Donald Trump is racist but he just doesn't care, well, you can skip this. For everyone else, Ryan continued his asinine attempt to straddle Trump with Tuesday night's RNC speech, in which he only mentioned Trump's name once.

But then, after completely avoiding the subject throughout his whole speech, Ryan realizes, as he's reading it from the teleprompter, that his big money-shot finish contains the words "steaks" and "on the table" in the same sentence," but it's too late to stop, and too late to say it right, and not like a caveman:

They should start printing "never lose sight of the spakes, never lose sight of what’s on table" bumper stickers immediately.

But what do you expect from a guy who doesn't even know how to insult Hillary Clinton properly? While Ben Carson is up their calling her SATAN, Ryan compared Hillary to, and I'm not shitting you, "the main menu":

Yeah, and she's also kind of like that one sock you find! Where is the other one?