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Antonio Sabato Jr. is The Ultimate Definition of a Right Wing F*ckwit

to get on stage at a major political convention to elucidate your views in front of the entire nation you'd have to be invited by someone almost a stupid as you are.
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To declare in one short interview that president Obama is has done nothing to combat ISIS (he has), is responsible for the attacks on police officers (despite the numbers of assaults on police officers going down under his administration), has turned the country into a socialist utopia (he hasn't), is not a Christian (he is), and is secretly a Muslim (he is not), you have to be a truly special breed of idiot. 

In fact, to get on stage at a major political convention to elucidate your views in front of the entire nation you'd have to be invited by someone almost a stupid as you are. 

Luckily for Antonio Sabato Jr., a former underwear model, Republican advocate, and all round not very bright guy, Donald J. Trump is running for president invited him to be a prime-time speaker at the Republican National Convention. Here he was explaining to ABC News that unbeknownst to the American public, “We had a Muslim president for seven and a half years”:

The interview is incredibly painful to watch if you have any attachment to the real world. Sabato Jr. appears to be completely unaware of anything vaguely resembling reality, and trots out every bullshit rightwing conspiracy theory touted by the Alex Joneses of this world without a trace of shame or self doubt. 

"He has never talked about Jesus Christ once," was Sabato Jr.'s response to the host explaining to him that Obama was in fact a practicing Christian. "I've met a lot of Christians. I know Christians. I am one and I don't believe he is."

When asked why he doesn't believe it, Sabato Jr. gave perhaps the most revealing statement in the whole interview.

"It's in my heart," he said. 

Yes, forget any evidence and just go with that you fuckwit.