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The son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has entered a guilty plea to a weapons charge in connection with a January domestic violence arrest.Track Palin entered into a plea deal this week that should allow him to avoid jail time, according to the Alaska Dispatch News:

Court records show the agreement involved the state dropping two of three misdemeanor charges against Palin, including domestic-violence assault and interfering with the report of a domestic-violence crime.

“As a condition of his entry into that court the state dismissed the first two counts,” Fitzgerald said. “Track pled to misconduct involving weapons (in the fourth degree), concerning being under the influence and having a firearm.”

…Track Palin will have to complete a regime of “alcohol-related” treatment under the terms of this week’s agreement, Fitzgerald said. Upon successful completion of the treatment, the weapons-misconduct charge will be expunged from his record. But if that doesn’t happen, Palin will receive a 180-day suspended jail sentence and be placed under informal probation for two years.

Sarah Palin drew criticism from many when she made remarks blaming her son’s arrest on PTSD. Oh, and Obama:

It's a good bet that Track's legal troubles and Sarah Palin's failure to show up at the RNC next week are not just a coincidence. If Trump doesn't already have enough stink him, he doesn't need Palin there reminding everyone of her son's domestic violence beef.