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I will have more on ABC News' bullshit town hall later, but this moment is infuriating and priceless. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick decides he's going to ask Obama why he can't stop being so anti-cop, even though he says he knows Obama is always talking about how much he loves cops:

Now, first of all, Patrick is lying, the President never said that shit he claims he said about things getting "much worse" between police and the "black community," but second of all, there's what Obama said back to him:

I'll be happy to send it to you, in case you missed it.

Seriously, fuck that guy. Here's their full exchange, in which Patrick tries to get some get back, but is denied some more.

I do wish President Obama would realize that no matter how much he says it, unless he tells people he's perfectly fine with cops killing black people as long as they promise later that it was justified, these dicks will always say he's anti-cop. And even if he said that, they'd still say it.

Here's what Obama actually said yesterday: