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So, former future Republican presidential nominee Jeb Bush crawled out from under a rock to have his knob polished for an hour by MSNBC, and to remind people why he got beaten so badly by Donald Trump and every other Republican in their 147-person field. Among the many stupid fucking things he said, he told Nicolle Wallace just what he thinks would be the "tragedy" of a Trump presidency, which he also said was "heartbreaking":

Got that? It's not the prospect of a Mexican border wall and a Muslim ban that's tragic, it's the fact that there won't be a Mexican border wall or a Muslim ban.

There are only two ways to feel about these policies. You can either be stoked because you totally non-racistly want to keep out all the dirty Muslims and Mexicans, or you can realize that those things are a racist betrayal of everything America is supposed to stand for. There's no third column where your heart breaks for all the racists who are going to be disappointed.