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I've written a hell of a lot about Bernie Sanders this election season. But the very first thing I wrote about him was ten long months ago and it had to do with what anyone who pays close attention to politics would have understood was a certainty about his campaign: that if he in fact won, his fanatical base would quickly turn against him. The reason? Because running for government is different than actually governing, with the latter requiring little things like nuance and compromise, qualities Sanders's most ardent supporters consider anathema to their mission statement. Sanders would have a choice as president: be a strident ideologue and get absolutely nothing done as he faced down an obstructionist Congress, or be willing to bend and see himself burned in effigy and declared an "enemy of the revolution" by the very people who used to worship him. 

Well, as I said from the very beginning, Bernie Sanders isn't going to win the presidency. He isn't even going to win the nomination. But that doesn't mean those rabid "Berniecrat" disciples won't get the chance to fulfill their political destiny. Because it looks very much like this coming week will see the endorsement of Clinton by Sanders -- and the mere thought of that is already opening up the floodgates and unleashing the vengeful wrath of the Sanders faithful upon Sanders himself. The good folks at Forward Progressives have done the heavy lifting for us, compiling a giant pile of bitter, angry commentary from Sanders's Facebook page, all from the juvenile #BernieOrBust and #NeverHillary hashtag warriors and all aimed, for a change, directly at their former object of exaltation. To put it simply, Bernie Sanders is now, in their eyes, an establishment shill, a traitor, a neo-liberal -- you know, all those things any and every supporter of Hillary Clinton have been castigated as over most of the past year. (Cue the chants of "One of us! One of us!")

There are many reports that Bernie will endorse Hillary next week. This is unacceptable. Bernie, I thought this was campaign was #NotMeUs? We are begging you not to endorse her corruption. Please run 3rd party and save us from oligarchy and fascism! 

Bernie Sanders, do not endorse someone who does not speak out against racial injustice. Please join Jill Stein. 

Bernie will be the only Bernie Sanders supporter that endorses her, …lol… everyone I know would rather die then vote Goldman/Sachs president puppet. 

Bernie, I’m already feeling crushed and defeated at the idea of not taking this all the way to the convention. I already feel like giving up. You cannot endorse Clinton. You just can’t. Think of how hard all of us have worked for you. We will never back Hillary, and neither should you. Show these posts to the democrats. #NeverHillary 

So, I just read that Bernie Sanders is endorsing Hillary Clinton now? This info is on the Real Progressives. Thats it, im done with him, im voting for Jill Stein Bernie Sanders is a spineless establishment sell out. 

So disappointed to hear that Bernie Sanders plans to endorse Hillary Clinton next week, per an announcment by the Huffington Post today. Feels like he is caving in to Party pressure.I thought he was better than that. 

I’ve been hearing all over the news today that you are going to endorse Hillary Clinton next week in New Hampshire. Please do not sell us out, I for one will not vote for her, even if Bernie Sanders himself holds my hand and leads me in to the voting booth.

Without bernie sanders, the political revolution continues. STOP depending on sanders as SAVIOR!! 

If Bernie rolls over and endorses Clinton, I will never ever look at a Democrat candidate again. 

Bernie Sanders- you’ve always told us this is a political revolution and not just about you or Hillary but about all of us. You have to know that even if you were to (hypothetically) endorse her, our momentum is too great and we will not turn this boat around. I urge you to jump on and let us carry you through the finish line. We can still convince the delegates to flip.. just hold on until the convention! 

Bernie I love you but it’s disappointing to see you in Trump hysteria mode. Hillary is just as dangerous and would have a lot more power.#NeverTrump #NeverHillary 

 I heard through the media that you are planning to endorse the wicked witch of the west next week. I am hoping that there is no truth to this as I have no respect for HC and will have no respect for anyone that endorses her.

A Sanders endorsement of Clinton would be the ultimate betrayal of his supporters, especially those of us that poured money into his campaign. 

I am also very disappointed that Bernie would support a liar and untrustworthy woman. Sad for him. He will loss a lot of his supporters for Hillary Clinton. 

Bernie, if you endorse Hillary Clinton, after is NOW ITS PROVEN FACT she lied to the American people, then you sir are a FRAUD. Endorse Hillary and you’ll confirm your campaign was a sham. Certainly had to wonder why there were so many missed opportunities, unmentioned criticisms, allowing the DNC to smear your supporters, blatant election fraud.

Bernie, I don’t want to hear another word from you until you cut your ties to HRC and the DNC. Run third party and be our leader or STFU. 

Bernie, endorsing Clinton destroys every point you made and everything you stood for in the race. You are letting the people who supported you down. You made a promise to fight to the end, but instead you are conceding. You are not the elected leader you lead us to believe in. Shame on you. 

Bernie found it unacceptable for media to give Trump time how about Bernie endorsing the most corrupt politician of the first world. How is that acceptable? 

We are looking forward to nominating Bernie Sanders at the contested convention. #SeeYouInPhilly 

Don’t do it Bernie! I’ve donated money and will immediately start backing Trump or another. Will not vote for her this will ruin you. 

wow, Bernie you used your supporters as sheep to help a criminal.. you should be ashamed of yourself.. but I doubt it, as you are off to cash Hillarys payout check to you.. and pocket the Millions in donations that people gave you .. I knew from day one, that you were a Hillary supporter.. a distraction.. a Liar 

Don’t you dare endorse Hillary after today. I will BERN every shirt i bought with your name on it, and never again donate to progressive causes. 

Bernie you’re supporting Hillary Clinton now. I can’t even take you seriously right now. Done. 

If you sell out, you’ll sell all of us out. Hope you like your spot on the Clinton Cabinet. Just don’t expect me to vote for it. 

Bernie? Endorsing Hillary is a sell-out move. I think you’re gone…Jill Stein for President! 

If Bernie sells out especially given what was disclosed today and the new investigations to follow, he will have betrayed his supporters. 

Bernie needs to retire quietly, like I said he’s no better than the rest of the crooks. 

If you endorse that liar Hillary Clinton your a complete sellout. Just another politician.

According to Forward Progressives -- and you can go look for yourself if you feel so inclined -- there are literally dozens and dozens more of these kinds of comments on Sanders's Facebook page. All because Bernie Sanders turned out to be a relatively rational politician who understands that getting a good portion of what he wants via a Clinton presidency is a hell of a lot better than getting nothing and watching the world burn under Donald Trump. Because he's not a magical progressive unicorn who'd sooner kneel on the steps of the Capitol and ritually self-immolate rather than compromise with the dreaded establishment for the greater good, he's now the enemy of the very people who made him a God. The dream dies hard, doesn't it?

The thing to remember here is that the #BernieOrBust crowd always represented only a handful of people when compared with the electorate entire. They're loud and obnoxious online but despite their incessant whining about how desperately they need to be "won over" by Clinton and her allies, they were never going to make a difference come election day anyway. Hell, a good portion of them never showed up for Sanders at the primaries in the first place so it was always a guarantee they'd be sitting out the general vote unless a giant carrot on a stick compelled them to get off their dead asses. They may still be making noise but the reality is that, according to a new Pew poll, 85% of Sanders supporters have stated that they'll vote for Clinton in November. That's far more than the number of Clinton supporters who moved over to Obama in 2008. Most Sanders supporters may not love Clinton, but they're not legitimately insane. 

Either way, I've said it before but it apparently bears repeating: None of this matters anyway because it's all over. Sanders lost. Clinton won. And now Sanders is (hopefully) going to do what he should have done weeks ago: concede and endorse his opponent. The Democrats will unite in the name of stomping Donald Trump's dick in the dirt and hopefully that outcome is exactly the one we'll see. As for the #BernieOrBust kids? Well, rather than actually trying to effect change on a smaller scale across the country -- and minus a single, unifying messianic figure -- they'll go back to doing whatever it was they did before they suddenly developed an obsession with national politics. And if they find themselves bored with that, well, there's always Pokemon Go.