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For those still remaining in the 2016 Veepstakes pool, here are a couple of shining examples of how not to do it. Sadly, our first contestant is Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, whose resume' is already a challenge, and who was doing pretty well until Chuck Todd asked him for his foreign policy philosophy:

Foreign policy cred is a challenge for almost any veep contender, but Perez not only doesn't have a decent answer, he doesn't have any. And this was the simplest possible way this question could have been asked. Todd wasn't quizzing him on the name of the president of Uzbeki-stanstan, he asked a question that Perez could have answered by saying "Um, Smart Power, dude."

An even more spectacular and unwelcome flameout came from Newt Gingrich, who decided to tell the crowd in Aspen that his thin-skinned potential boss doesn't know what he's doing, and needs to "quit screwing up":

Just in case that didn't do the trick, Gingrich went on to extol the virtue of Trump's grade-school vocabulary:

Is there any chance Trump will ignore these insults and make me the happiest man on earth by selecting Gingrich? Sad face.