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The Western Conservative Summit is the gift that keeps on giving, if that gift is painful open sores on your heart and mind. Today's treat comes courtesy of former The Voice contestant Biff Gore, who wowed the pasty Colorado crowd with what is an undeniably beautiful talent. The problem is Gore was celebrating the hopefully impending election of an overt racist to the presidency of the United States by singing "A Change is Going to Come," I am not even kidding you. To make matters worse, Gore made a subtle but significant embellishment to the lyrics near the end:

Now, you can want to "take our country back" if you want to, but those "old school values that our country was fighting for" were exactly what the civil rights movement was fighting against. They were the laws and policies of the American government.

If you've got to pervert the lyrics to a song, pick on Ted Nugent or somebody, and leave Sam Cooke alone.