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Jessica Williams Exposes Bernie Bros Switching to Trump For the Fools They Are

Fools. Damn fools.
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On her final day at The Daily Show before launching her own show, correspondent Jessica Williams schooled some Bernie Sander supporters now pledging to vote for Donald Trump. 

In a hilarious and somewhat concerning segment, Williams exposed the Bernie fanatics for what they really are -- petulant children who are threatening to burn the country to the ground because they are not getting their way. Describing Clinton as a "scam artist" and a “stack of garbage,” the panel of halfwits were unable to draw any meaningful parallels between Sanders and Trump. 

“I don’t get it,” Williams said. “How do you go from a left-wing progressive like Bernie to a man who worships money only slightly less than he worships himself?” 

“They [Trump and Sanders] are literally opposite people.”

Williams then attempted an analogy as their blank faces continued to defy reality.

"Last week I wanted to go to this new restaurant," said Williams. "But my friends wanted to go to this old restaurant, and I got outvoted, so instead of eating with them at this old restaurant, I went into this alley, and I sat down and ate a pile of dog shit." 

Just watch:

Thankfully, the data indicates Sanders supporters are moving slowly towards Clinton -- evidently not with the help of these fools.