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Let me be very clear about this: I want to take away all of your guns. And when I say all, I really do mean ALL of them -- the handguns, assault rifles, semi automatic weapons, automatic weapons, rifles, etc etc etc.

If you want to shoot a gun for fun, you can go to a supervised gun range after submitting to a police background check and going in with your ID. If want to go hunting, you can submit to a more extensive police background check and have two independent psychologists verify you are of sound mind (as they do in the UK) before you are let loose in the countryside to shoot animals. I have no problem with any of the above. 

But I do have a very big problem with you having a gun (or guns) in your house. I also have a very big problem with anyone who has a concealed carry permit and wants to walk around with a deadly weapon. 

If innocent people were not being massacred on a weekly basis by guns in America, I would not have any problem with you owning one whatsoever. But the fact is that people are being massacred on a weekly basis by gun wielding maniacs, and there is no longer any justification for you having the right to own one. And if you think that owning a gun makes you safer from future gun massacres, you should really get your head examined given there is not a single shred of evidence that supports this belief, whereas all the actual evidence points to the complete opposite being true. The truth is, owning a gun makes you far, far less safe. As Slate reported: 

A study from October 2013 analyzed data from 27 developed nations to examine the impact of firearm prevalence on the mortality rate. It found an extremely strong direct relationship between the number of firearms and firearm deaths. The paper concludes: “The current study debunks the widely quoted hypothesis that guns make a nation safer.” This finding is bolstered by several previous studies that have revealed a significant link between gun ownership and firearm-related deaths. This international comparison is especially harrowing for women and children, who die from gun violence in America at far higher rates than in other countries.

"But what about the Second Amendment?" You say. "I have the right to bear arms as an American!"

Firstly, you don't. The Second Amendment states the following: 

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

While poorly worded, the amendment is fairly clear -- it states that a well regulated militia has the right to keep and bear arms, not individual citizens unaffiliated with the military. 

Regardless, even if it can be interpreted as permitting individual citizens the right to bear arms, so what? It is a redundant amendment written in a time when the country had just fought a vicious war of independence, and guns could fire four rounds a minute, not 45. So let's get rid of it completely and revoke the rights of everyone not in the military to have a gun. The constitution is an important document, but not an immutable law for human societies. It can be rewritten (as it has been), and should be if Americans want to avoid the gruesome bloodshed no other civilized nation on earth suffers from. 

I am not suggesting a bandaid solution, or an attempt to regulate gun use. I am suggesting all guns owned by private citizens be turned in to the authorities, melted down and used to build bridges/cars/boats/cooking pots etc etc. Because nothing else will work in a country where there are an estimated 300 million guns -- a fact we are routinely reminded of when batch after batch after batch of innocent civilians get slaughtered going about their daily lives and absolutely nothing happens. 

If you disagree with this, you are essentially accepting mass murder as an integral part of life in modern day America. Which is your right, of course, but please don't pretend you care about the victims of gun violence, because you clearly don't. If you genuinely believe your right to carry a weapon made for the explicit purpose of killing is more important than the lives of innocent people -- like the 5 year olds slaughtered at Sandy Hook elementary school, and the 50 people trapped and massacred in a nightclub in Orlando -- then, well, fuck you.