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Before we dive in, I'd like to ask for your patience on this one. 

Like many Americans, I'm still learning. I'm still attempting to ascertain the correct terminology and to develop a solid understanding of what it means to be transgender. That's not to say I'm a troglodytic red-stater by any stretch of the imagination. I've had significant advanced schooling in human sexuality, and I've spent countless hours reading about the experiences of transgender Americans including several of my friends, who happen to be either fully transitioned or in the process of doing so. Given the news lately, too, regarding the formation of the GOP's Toity Patrol, I've written about the issue quite a bit and approached each article from what I believe is an open and rational point of view.

I'll start by describing what I firmly believe. It won't be surprising. Transgender people ought to have complete latitude to identify as whichever gender (or gender variation) they prefer. Duh. I believe, therefore, they have the legal and constitutional right to whatever services or privileges that are commensurate with their gender, as we all do. This includes access to public restrooms appropriate to their gender....

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