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Remember David and Collet Stephan, Canada's most infamous religious wack-jobs and practitioners of the homeopathic, anti-vaccination lifestyle? When last we checked in with their story, they had just been convicted of allowing their unvaccinated two-and-a-half-year-old son to die of Meningitis because they fed him maple syrup, frozen berries, apple cider vinegar and other useless crap rather than getting him to a hospital where he could actually be cared for. At the time, David Stephan in particular remained almost comically indignant, penning an angry Facebook rant in which he railed against the supposed injustice of a court telling parents how best to care for their kids and painted himself and his wife as modern day martyrs. 

Well, given that the Stephans haven't yet been sentenced in their case, they're still free to run off at the mouth and that's exactly what they're doing. Again. This time, they're talking to filmmaker and anti-vaxx nonsense espouser Del Bigtree, who produced Vaxxed -- a piece of anti-vaccine agitprop that was supposed to open the Tribeca Film Festival before it wound up being pulled because it's directed by disgraced British doctor and vaccine-autism-link conspiracist Andrew Wakefield and is generally horseshit -- and who of course lauds the Stephans as persecuted heroes. In the interview, David Stephan complains about the media coverage of his and his wife's trial, claiming that the whole thing became an excuse to attack people who don't believe in, you know, scientific evidence and medicine that actually works, as opposed to homeopathic remedies that get children killed. 

“It’s becoming quite a parental rights issue for medical choice, for how we deem to treat our children, and ultimately, what it comes down to is whether we have the right to vaccinate or not to vaccinate without being held liable," David Stephan says, "or whether or not we have to rush our children to the doctor every time they even get just the sniffles in fear that something may just randomly happen, and then we’re held liable." Well, see, yes, since you're a fucking adult and your children rely entirely on you to keep them healthy, then no, you're not allowed to be a flake who ignores proven science because you just don't agree with it. Your kid is in your care. If your stupidity kills him, you get held responsible. That's how it works, Dave. 

Meantime, to the surprise of absolutely no one who's followed the case and the two people at the center of it, David and Collet Stephan are still blaming everyone not them for the death of little Ezekiel. According to David Stephan, it wasn't the nonsense cocktail of syrup and berries that led to their son's death, it was the emergency crews that finally showed up to help the child and their lack of "proper equipment" in the ambulance. Take a minute to appreciate the balls it takes to be someone who denies medical science and can still make a statement like that with a straight face. Predictably, Stephan can't elaborate on just what equipment was missing that could have saved a child who had stopped breathing for eight minutes, but it's probably best not to dwell too much on any claim David Stephan makes.

The Stephans, self-pitying assholes that they are, are trying to rally supporters to come out to their sentencing on Friday in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. “This isn’t just our battle — this is everyone’s battle," says David Stephan, apparently not realizing that not everyone is an irresponsible shit-heel of a parent and not everyone was doomed from the start to one day harm their children because they have a tenuous relationship with reality. They could get five years in prison for their crimes. On the plus side, that would be five years their other three children wouldn't be in immediate danger 24/7.