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Former Baltimore Policeman Explains to Joe Rogan Why America Must Ban Assault Weapons

In a fascinating back and forth with Joe Rogan, former Baltimore policeman Michael Wood Jr explained to the UFC host and comedian why America must ban assault weapons if it wants to curtail gun violence.
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In a fascinating back and forth on Joe Rogan's podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience', former Baltimore policeman Michael Wood Jr explained to the UFC commentator and comedian why America must ban assault weapons if it wants to curtail gun violence. 

Rogan is a long time supporter of gun rights and the NRA, but you can see from the clip below that he is having a harder and harder time defending his position in the face of never ending stream of gun massacres and the overwhelming evidence supporting Wood's position that Americans are far, far less safe when armed. 

Wood is a veteran policeman who has actually used firearms in live situations, so his position isn't just based on theory, but actual experience. Rogan's attempt to defend the NRA was, if I'm being honest, pretty silly. The organization does not just defend American's right to bear arms -- it willfully distorts evidence, ignores facts and spreads ludicrous propaganda against anyone attempting to regulate guns. The organization is run by Wayne Lapierre and Alan D. Cors, two certifiably insane old men who thought nothing of exploiting the murder of children at Sandy Hook elementary school, and are busy lying about the massacre in Orlando to prevent the country from doing anything about their never ending gun violence epidemic. 

Joe Rogan usually makes a lot of sense, but this time he is on the wrong side of the debate. Hopefully he is starting to see the light and put aside his personal love of shooting guns in favor of protecting innocent people from more of this destructive madness.