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If anyone thought the Brexit was a good idea, a cursory glance at the state of the global economy and political climate today should be enough to dispel any notion that this was Britain's 'Independence Day'.

It wasn't -- the Brexit is going to be a disaster, and in our hyperconnected global economy, the effects will be immediate and long lasting.

After Britain voted to leave the EU, Prime Minister David Cameron promptly resigned. Having hedged his leadership on a 'stay' vote, his resignation paves the way for a more right wing politician dedicated to speeding up Britain's exit from the Union. Given Scotland voted to stay in the EU, it has now given Britain notice that it will stage another referendum on its own independence from the UK.

We are witnessing not only the dissolution of the European Union, but quite possibly the United Kingdom too. There will be no Britain, just an island of fragmented countries with competing allegiances. Britain hasn't turned the clock back by 40 years, it has rewound it to 1707 and the beginnings of the United Kingdom itself.

Although David Cameron is a conservative, he is a forward thinking one who understood the need for Britain to stay in the European Union. The political benefit of a tightly knit, binding allegiance with former mortal enemies has kept the peace in the decades after the two world wars. That union is now dissolving, along with our alliances in Europe.

The EU chiefs do not want a slow Brexit -- they are looking to speed it up, no doubt to punish Britain for their insolence. A quick exit will be incredibly damaging to the British economy as complicated trade agreements will need to be renegotiated and without careful consideration. The EU will have the upper hand when it comes to ironing out exactly what Britain gets access to and on what terms post EU membership, and it won't want to reward them.

The coming weeks of negotiation will exacerbate tensions further, whipping up even more nationalism in the process and fraying relationships that have taken decades to build.

With the far right already surging across Europe, one can only imagine what a more divided Europe is going to look like.

This was always going to be a Godawful mess, but no one predicted it would get this bad, this quickly.

Sadly, we're only getting started, so hold on to your hats.