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Nothing is going right for Donald Trump. Absolutely nothing. 

The day began with Trump delivering a speech in which he channeled Bernie Sanders on trade and the TPP agreement while posed in front of a giant pile of garbage. It's unclear who authorized the location, but a candidate who speaks in throw-away blurtings probably shouldn't stand in front of crap that people literally throw away. Furthermore, I'd love to see a reporter press Trump for a few specific details about the TPP. We'll give him a few points if he can simply name what the acronym stands for.

Come to think of it, Trump missed a golden opportunity to elaborate upon his Mexico border wall. He'll save taxpayers (or Mexico) the expense by building a giant wall of garbage. But, naturally, there'll be a big beautiful door -- ostensibly not made from rubbish.

Making matters worse, the most recent ABC News / Washington Post poll can't be defined as an outlier any more. You might recall how the poll showed Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by 12 points. It's a staggering margin, especially knowing how there's not much Trump can do himself to recover. Hillary would have to stumble into a fairly serious scandal to fall behind, but given how she's such a well-known character, any skeletons have been long since exorcised, making a pop-up scandal less likely.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday shows Hillary leading Trump by 11 points, 45 to 34, with 20 percent undecided. In fact, the results improved by a few points for Trump who, in the previous Reuters poll, was losing by a colossal 14 points. In context, the most deadly mass shooting in American history, which has now been spuriously defined as a terrorist attack, only inched Trump's numbers by around three points, even though national security is traditionally an issue that favors Republicans. And yet, three points.

The best thing about following Trump's poll numbers for the next four months will be to observe the sweet, sweet data in contrast to his "winning" message. By setting himself up with the "we'll have so much winning, you might get bored with winning" sales pitch, he's making his craptastical poll numbers look even more pathetic. There's nothing more ridiculous than a blowhard who thinks he's "winning," but who, in reality, is losing badly. The losing becomes significantly amplified as writers like me can't wait to draw the glaring contrast.

And then there's the contrast against Hillary. By going negative out of the shoot with his ongoing ad-hominem name-calling -- Crooked Hillary, Goofy Elizabeth, etc -- he's actually making himself look a lot worse when new polls drop. If Hillary's so crooked, and Elizabeth is so goofy, then how the hell is Trump losing so badly? Why do voters hate Trump so much when given the choice between him and someone who's allegedly and obviously a terrible human being?

When we look back at the GOP primaries, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Trump wasn't playing primary politics, with the notion of pivoting for the general. He's playing the only brand of politics he knows, and it just happened to work in the minors. But this is big-boy politics now, and his act isn't playing. He simply can't hack it.