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 Remember when Republicans finally relented in their steadfast defense of the Confederate flag when that symbol of racism and hate became untenably unpopular following the Charleston mass shooting just over a year ago, and got all kinds of unwarranted credit for it? Well, their true colors returned this week, as Republicans in Congress stripped an already-passed ban on Confederate flags at cemeteries from a bill that’s supposed to finally fund efforts to fight the Zika virus.  

That's not surprising, and neither is the fact that the media is so in love with the fake narrative of Republicans rejecting the Confederate flag that they're ignoring this story. Both are sickening, but especially gross are the contortions that mainstream reporters twist themselves into to avoid telling the truth about Republicans. Here's an AP reporter asking the White House about it, but framing the issue as Democrats pressing for a policy change that was already passed:

The fact is we are not all in this together. Republicans, who voted against the Confederate flag ban 158-84, have never lost their love for this symbol of racism, and probably never will.