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Donald Trump was correct to assume that it'd be easy to flimflam conservative voters caught in the throes of Obama derangement syndrome -- the brainwashed disciples of Fox News Channel, each obsessed with non-scandal scandals and the intentional misinformation peddled by their Ailes-helmed mother ship. Convincing everyone else that he's worthy of the American presidency isn't working out nearly as well. 

It's been exactly one month since Trump clinched the Republican nomination -- one month into his general election campaign against Hillary Clinton, and it's been nothing short of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie for the clown-suited reality show stooge. The latest ABC News / Washington Post poll that dropped over the weekend is the best metric so far that Trump is totally incapable of running a competent campaign for president, much less the entire free world.

Before we dive into the ABC News poll, the mind-blowing results from another poll showed Hillary Clinton trailing the presumptive GOP nominee by eight points... in Texas. In other words, Hillary has a narrow shot to win Texas, among other red states. Georgia, for example, is a statistical dead-heat according to a poll earlier last month. Knowing the divisiveness that's so entrenched throughout the south, it's difficult to see hardcore red states swinging too wildly in Hillary's favor, but observing the Trump trainwreck, anything's possible.

As for the ABC News poll, Hillary leads Trump by a whopping 12 points, 51-to-39 percent. Take into consideration, too, that Trump locked his nomination much sooner that Hillary, who spent a chunk of the past month fighting off Bernie Sanders while Trump had time to re-focus on the general. Of course, he failed miserably to organize a national campaign, even with the head start.

The general election matchup aside, the following underlying news makes the poll especially encouraging for Democrats:

The public by 66-29 percent think he’s unfairly biased against groups such as women, minorities or Muslims. 

Americans by 68-28 percent think his comment about Judge Gonzalo Curiel was racist. Regardless of whether or not it was racist, 85 percent say it was inappropriate. 

Most generally, the public by 56-36 percent, a 20-point margin, says Trump is standing against their beliefs as opposed to standing up for their beliefs.  

Simply put, a clear supermajority of American voters think Trump is at least a little bit racist.

Even better, the poll showed President Obama with a 56 percent approval rating. That's higher than Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and even Bill Clinton at this point in their second terms. (Bill Clinton was only a point lower at 55 percent.) Obama's rating on the economy, 55 percent, should also take the lead out of Trump's tiny pencil, too, coupled with poll respondents approving of Hillary's handling of the Orlando massacre over Trump's handling of it. Obviously, the economy and national security have, together, been winners for the Republicans, but, it appears, not this time.

Support for Trump among Republicans dropped by eight points, from 85 percent to 77 percent. Adding Gary Johnson into the mix pulls Trump's number down to 74 percent. And 62 percent of Republicans and independent voters think party leaders should speak out against Trump when they disagree with him.

By the way, here's Trump's response on Twitter.

The sample was weighted 37-27 percent, Democratic and Republican registered voters. But the sample takes into consideration an accurate view of party identification, which is roughly 8-10 percent in favor of Democrats, including leaners. Nevertheless, here we go. Trump is clearly pulling a Dean Chambers by attempting to "unskew" the polls. Romney tried this in 2012 and it was one of the reasons why he lost.

The most encouraging aspect of Trump's campaign suffering in critical condition at the moment is the reality that he doesn't really possess the savvy or depth to extricate himself from this partly self-imposed quagmire. There's no grand oratory -- there's no big game changer up Trump's Chinese-manufactured sleeves. The only thing that could boost Trump is a major Hillary gaffe or misstep, planting the fortunes of the campaign squarely in Hillary's lap. It's her contest to lose at this point, and even with four months still to go, Trump is powerless -- or, put another way, politically flaccid.