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If You Didn't Already Hate This Effing Song, You Will Now

Fox News can even ruin things that were already crap.

If you have somehow managed to avoid hating this insipid entry into the 80's pop subgenre of obsessively creepy male sexual frustration that I like to call "stalker rock," the zenith of which was the overplayed Police hit "Every Breath You Take" and the nadir of which was Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night," then you will learn to hate it when Fox and Friends does a pointless lip-sync to a pointless song that includes, I shit you not, Brian Kilmeade squeezing one out in the Fox men's room. Exit question: How the fuck did Eurythmics not sue this dude?

Just for fun, give me your favorite "Stalker Rock" anthems in the comments. Mine is probably "Jesse's Girl," followed closely by "867-5309."