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The Bernie Sanders that we all know and love showed up on TV Friday morning, with the possible exception of his waffling about voting for Hillary in November (although he went on to say he won't vote for Trump and has no fucking idea who Gary Johnson is). 

The big piece of news came as Chris Cuomo got Bernie to admit what I've been saying all along, that a platform fight is about as meaningful as a prom date with your sister. Cuomo asked Bernie if he'd be better served seeking a position in Hillary's administration, and Bernie's innate guilelessness got the better of him:

Bernie wouldn't name a position off the top of his head, but I would sell my soul to see Bernie Sanders' Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Republicans would be tearfully jerking off to memories of Merrick Garland right on the Senate floor.

Earlier, there was also this great moment where Bernie yelled at a Morning Joe idiot for comparing him to Donald Trump:

I'm in the middle between Bernie and Hillary on trade, but it's fucking idiotic to equate any tariff at all with the extreme protectionism and outsourcing hypocrisy of Donald Trump.

Also in the Bernie We Love department, he told Cuomo he has no regrets about not going after Hillary on emails, and left out his usual qualifier about "letting the process play out":

Finally, Bernie put to rest the notion that the Democratic primary was "rigged" against him:

The "Brexit" vote is dominating the news today, but I'm curious to see what the fallout from these interviews is. Bernie's revelation about talks with Hillary on an administration post puts pressure on Hillary, but I also wonder what Sanders die-hards will make of it.