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The Washington Post is out with a pretty yellow piece implying that Ronald Reagan didn't like Donald Trump based on pretty much zero evidence, which isn't a big surprise considering how protective people are of Saint Reagan and his spooky similarities to Donald Trump.

While I was working on debunking that horseshit, because Ronald Reagan may as well be Trump's spirit animal, I noticed something empirically decisive. Looking through photos in the Reagan archive, it turns out that Reagan was photographed with a lot of people, and he was photographed with Donald Trump more than most. 

Here are the Trump/Reagan photographs I could hunt down, plus some other interesting shots from Reagan's VIP/Celebrity file. Very few bigwigs merited even two shots, let alone four. Trump's photo op total eclipsed those of luminaries like The Fonz, Mother Teresa, the then-Bruce Jenner, Crockett and Tubbs, and even William F. Buckley, but he couldn't quite edge out Hillary Clinton. See if you can recognize all of them: