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Remember When President Obama B*tch Slapped John McCain on Live Television?

It was 2010 and John McCain was attempting to humiliate Obama over health care reform. The president wasn't having any of it though, and b*tch slapped McCain in the most withering fashion.
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Given John McCain recently blamed Obama for the massacre in Orlando, I thought it would be a good time to reminisce about the time the president bitch slapped the Arizona Senator on live television. Because, well, what is better than watching a right wing blowhard getting their comeuppance in public?

The bitch slap in question was during a relatively rare occasion that a Republican wasn't on a friendly network to disseminate their right wing talking pointsIn. In 2010 during the White House “Health Care Summit”, Sen. John McCain thought he would try to humiliate the president over his proposed health care reforms, putting on a show for the cameras and doing his best wing nut impression by lying and distorting the facts.

Unfortunately for McCain, Obama was in no mood for nonsense and in a rare flash of anger quickly put his former nemesis in his place in the most withering fashion. Just watch:


While the Republicans have desperately tried to paint Obama as a weak, ineffective girly man, the interaction above is a reminder that the president is anything but