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You know how racist conservatives are always pretending that they're not against all Muslims, just the bad "Radical Islamic Terrorist" ones? Well, former "Happy Days" star and rabid Trumpist Scott Baio accidentally exposed that lie in an interview with Fox Business. Notice what he accuses President Obama of:

He doesn't say President Obama is a "radical Muslim" or a "radical Muslim sympathizer," he says he's either "a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer." Well, if you're not at war with all Muslims, and you really do think most Muslims are peaceful and are overwhelmingly the victims of terrorism, wouldn't a good Christian also be a Muslim sympathizer?

Later in the interview, Baio hilariously asks who's saying we're at war with all Muslims, which he just fucking said, and slams Obama and Hillary for only getting angry at Republicans:

Remind me, Scott, was Osama bin Laden a Republican? Because Obama killed that motherfucker.