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After a year of listening to Bernie Sanders and his supporters tell us that he's the only candidate who's really down with black people, which they would all realize if they could just give Bernie a little ear, it was almost refreshing to see that bullshit get stowed during Sanders' 23-minute live address to supporters last night. Here's the 56 seconds he managed to sprinkle in:

A lot of Berners are mad because they think I'm calling Bernie racist, because of course they do, but that's not it at all. Look, if you sincerely think that the best way to help black people is to avoid "demographic stuff" and keep your message "universal" and help everyone, then just say that. Don't say "Yeah, but 1963!"

As I've documented thoroughly in these pages, Hillary Clinton is far from spotless on race issues, but she has consistently and forcefully advocated for the right policies this time around, and what's sad is that Bernie Sanders could be the same sort of Jiminy Cricket for Hillary on those issues as he wants to be on millionaires and billionaires, giving a little whistle any time it seemed like Hillary was backsliding on things like the Voting Rights Act or police brutality. Instead, he made his disinterest in those issues crystal clear.

Luckily, I don't think we'll miss him on these issues. Anything can happen, of course, but so far Hillary has not shown the propensity to panic that she (and her campaign) did last time around, and has been very steady in this campaign.