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In case you missed it, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson risked career suicide by coming out in favor of an assault weapons ban this week:

This isn't just admiration for bucking her ideology, though. In all my years of observing the gun debate, I've never heard opposition to the assault weapons ban sound quite as stupid as when Gretchen Carlson describes it here.

Whatever you think of Gretchen Carlson, or of Fox News, that was pretty great, but not as great as what she did the next day. Not only did she rat Fox News viewers out to the world as a bunch of profanity-spewing idiots who can't spell, she stood her ground in the face of a viewer onslaught:

We often deliver backhanded compliments to Fox News, but in this case, it's a sincere, unvarnished slow-clap for Gretchen Carlson.