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So, that's it. It's over. The last presidential primary has come and gone, with Hillary Clinton once again winning by a landslide in an area with a large minority population. This time it was Washington, DC, which had 20 delegates up for grabs. She completely overwhelmed Bernie Sanders and therefore takes home 16 delegates to Sanders's four. She now has 2,219 total, including 581 superdelegates, who've pledged themselves to Clinton and will officially vote at the Democratic National Convention in Philly in July. As for Sanders, he has 1,832 delegates, including 49 superdelegates. By any measure, Sanders got beat like a dusty rug. Sure, to listen to him talk you'd never know it, given that he still hasn't officially conceded and he spent a good portion of yesterday railing about all the changes he's demanding the Democratic party make -- again, the party he only joined a year ago and whose nomination he lost. He reportedly had a positive meeting with Clinton yesterday, with each agreeing to fight the giant shit taken the morning after eating ten rotting tangerines, Donald Trump....

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