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CNN's Chris Cuomo is on fire lately. He scored two newsworthy gets from Hillary Clinton yesterday, and on Tuesday morning, casually beat Rudy Giuliani like a bowl of racist egg whites with his own talking point.

In case you're not already convinced that Rudy Giuliani is a gaping racist asshole, he removes all doubt at the top of this interview when Cuomo actually succeeds in making him seem decent for five seconds by getting him to talk about the importance of identifying this as an attack on gay people. For no reason other than that he is a gaping racist asshole, Rudy decides to bring it all back around to evil Muslims:

Hey, that's a pretty good analogy about the mafia and Muslims, Rudy. Now watch Cuomo rip it out by the socket and just brutalize Rudy with it:

I'm betting Rudy also wouldn't be okay with someone suggesting that Italians shouldn't mind surveillance if they've got nothing to hide.