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"There you go again, asking me about Trump." -- Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX)

Yeah, asshole, there somebody goes again, demanding that you answer for the monster made out of pure, concentrated conservative id and canned aerosol cheese. The one you unleashed on the country and the world.

That quote was the result of a reporter asking John Cornyn what he thought of Donald Trump's 48-hour onslaught of self-promotion, baseless accusation, xenophobia, conspiracy theorizing, and petty authoritarian tantrum throwing as a response to the weekend shooting rampage at a gay club in Orlando. Cornyn brushed off the inconvenient question, but the fact is that he and his fellow Republicans are getting hammered over their support for Trump -- and a good number of them have no idea how to respond, because that's exactly the position Trump has put them in. 

Late yesterday it was revealed that the RNC tried to head off the inevitable embarrassing calamity Trump would let loose upon the party in response to the Orlando tragedy by telling him to simply offer condolences, then shut the fuck up. But of course this is Trump we're talking about and as far as he's concerned nobody's intuition is as keen as his. (After all, this is a man who regularly consults himself because he has "a really good brain.") Of course we now know what Trump's decision to ignore the good advice of his frazzled handlers has wrought: a self-aggrandizing tweet, an accusation that Barack Obama is a terrorist sympathizer, a renewed call for a ban on Muslim travel and immigration, and an all-out war with The Washington Post -- and it's tenacious editor, Marty Baron of Spotlight fame -- because he didn't like a story it did on his lunatic response to the Orlando club shooting. No wonder Republicans are shitting themselves right now.

And make no mistake: that's exactly what they're doing. Iowa Senator and perennial threat to pig testicles everywhere Joni Ernst had to brush off questions about Trump's behavior. "My own personal feeling, I am very sympathetic and want to express my condolences to those family members," she said. "But I can't speak for Donald Trump." Meanwhile, according to Talking Points Memo, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker deflected, saying he hadn't "had a chance" to evaluate Trump's comments. "I expect the president will not resign," he added, commenting on Trump's attack on Barack Obama he just said he hadn't had the chance to evaluate yet. Keep in mind that all these people -- all these morally bankrupt monsters -- have backed Trump in his push for the White House. Hell, John Cornyn's conversion to a Trump evangelist was so conspicuous that it was the basis for an entire CNN segment. 

Trump is their guy. They've bet it all on him because they put the desire for partisan power over the health and safety of the entire country. Under no circumstances should they be able to wiggle out of the fix they're now in as Trump shames and debases himself and the Republican party further and further. They deserve to go down with him.