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This is probably right up there with the worst Hillary derangement I've seen in this campaign. Folks in my Twitter feed keep posting images and video of Bernie Sanders' statement on the Orlando mass shooting Sunday, and insisting that Jane Sanders and Nina Turner were grinning and laughing during the solemn moment.

As you can see, though, both of them got somber when Bernie actually began to speak, although Ben & Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen (no relation) weirdly continued to smile throughout:

Jane Sanders has become a favorite bogeyman of the anti-Bernie set, as has Nina Turner, but this is, like I said, deranged. Even the Ben & Jerry's guy deserves slack, because people react weird to things sometimes and it doesn't make them Satan.

In just over 24 hours, Bernie Sanders will be ending his campaign for the nomination, and we will need him and his supporters to help defeat Donald Trump. It's time to climb out of the bunkers, take a deep breath, and get to work.