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Luckily, we've only got to put up with seven more months of this derangement before Hillary derangement takes over, but this is still pretty sick. At the "Faith and Freedom" shindig, Sen. David Perdue of Georgia hilariously joked that God might just smite Obama if they all prayed hard enough:

In case you wandered in here from some right-wing corner of the internet, no, he wasn't talking about term limits. Here's the next verse in that scripture:

  9 Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

It goes on to wish all sorts of terrible shit on Obama's kids, too, but you get the idea. I know a lot of our readers aren't that bothered about Christianity, but it was the faith I was raised in, and even as a current agnostic, I value the wisdom and morals I took from it. Fuck that guy, and everyone else who makes a mockery of it. May his days be long and filled with marathons of NBC's "The Slap."